Basic VS Premium ?

The Premium provides some better lines than the Basic, so the price is relatively higher. If there is a need, users can choose to purchase the Premium directly or upgrade from the Basic to the Premium.

Can the two packages be mixed?

The two packages of STELLAR do not support mixed use. If the package is abnormal due to accidental mixed purchase, please contact customer service.

Why can't I purchase a package on iOS?

Due to inconsistent Apple accounts or regions, iOS payment may fail. It is recommended to purchase related packages on the official website.

I purchased a package but did not increase the duration?

It is possible that the system did not confirm in time and the order was delayed. Please wait for a while. If there is no result after a long wait, please contact customer service.

What is the difference between smart mode and global mode?

Smart mode automatically matches common URLs, and global mode matches all URLs.

Why can't I go online?

If you continue to be unable to use it, you can try the following methods:

** Windows users should close the 360 security guard and other protection software and update the client to the latest version.

** Install and configure the browser plugin, please refer to the manual for details.

** Get in touch with our customer service for more comprehensive help.

How many devices can be online at the same time?

STELLAR allows you to log in to the same account on multiple devices simultaneously. The login rules are as follows:

Each platform has a maximum of 1 online (that is, 1 Windows and 1 iOS device can be allowed to be online at the same time)

Why can't iOS update?

Since the iOS client update is bound to the Apple account, it needs to be updated with the Apple account used when downloading. Therefore, it is recommended that all users directly uninstall and reinstall the client.

The Windows client cannot run after downloading?

Win7 system users need to install .net4.7 or above to run.

Can't open the Mac client after downloading?

Please open the security and privacy options in the system preferences and select [Open anyway]「Detail」.

Can I watch Netflix?

Some of STELLAR's lines support watching Netflix, and Premium lines are more effective, and users can try it by themselves.

Is the trial line the same as the the vip?

STELLAR allocates the same line as the Basic to users during the trial period. If you want to experience the Premium package, you need to purchase it yourself.